No Cook Choco Lava Cake

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No Cook Choco Lava Cake is an instant idea of making a dessert without fire less cooking.
no cooking dessert


  1. Digestive biscuits-8 to 10
  2. Cocoa powder-1 tbsp
  3. Sweetened condensed milk-1/4 cup (or enough to make a smooth dough
  4. Chocolate syrup-2 tbsp (Or any other chocolate lava filling)


  • Powder the biscuits.
  • Mix with cocoa powder and condensed milk; knead a smooth dough.
  • Now take a small mold (Of lava cake shape). Place a layer cling film on that.
  • Above that take 3/4 part of the prepared biscuit dough; and make a shape of the bowl.
  • Fill the bowl with chocolate syrup.
  • Now cover it without any gap with the remaining dough.
  • Carefully place in to a serving bowl and remove the cling wrap.
  • Enjoy the simple and easy dessert!!!

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